Born in 1958, my love of art and painting began at an early age, around 9 years of age. My earliest inspiration came largely
through the  works of my grandfather, the late Rev. Frank E. Walker.  His detailed style had an uncanny realism, a nearly
photographic quality. His work focused mainly on American landscapes and seascapes, and his priesthood naturally inspired some
of his works as well. His painting "Christ in the Wilderness" generated some local media attention in St. Petersburg, FL. Sadly, I
never had a chance to really know my grandfather, aside from his paintings, due to geographic reasons and his passing in 1969
due to emphysema. But it was his work that inspired my earliest painting efforts. I also seemed to have a natural love for the idea of
painting; any painting or even a picture frame would get my attention. And so, the seed was planted.
Naturally, as I began to grow up a bit, other interests took hold, and I didn't actively paint for a number of years. However,
I was never far from art, as, not surprisingly, my Grandfather's talent was passed along to my Mother, who was always drawing or
painting in one medium or another; and with various techniques. I would watch and listen with interest, picking up many little tips
along the way. It appears that the painting talent was inbred in the Walker side of the family, as Rev. Walker's other daughter (my
Aunt) Olivia is also an accomplished painter.
Rev. Frank E. Walker
As I pondered what profession to pursue, the area of drafting and design seemed a logical one. I'd always had an interest in
the way things were designed, and in those days, before mechanical drawings were done with computer programs, there was a very
definite artistic element in the creation of drawings. Technique and style played a significant role, and the draftsman took pride in his
finished product-the overall appearance of his drawings. In the late eighties and early nineties that all changed, with the advent of
computer aided design. The artistic side of the industry was, to a large degree, eliminated. I had never forgotten my love for painting,
however. During the earlier years of my career as a designer, I had picked up the brush again, and turned out some fairly decent
works, using primarily a wet-on-wet technique.
Someone said "If there is one thing that never changes, it is that things will change". By the end of 2004, changes came, with a
slowing economy and job market. Engineering jobs began to dry up, and changes in my mother's health situation necessitated
moving her. As I was cleaning out her house, there was a room filled with art supplies. I decided it was time to bring home some of
the equipment, set up a studio, and get back to the painting in earnest. Eventually came the capability to reproduce the work, which
has been well accepted, and this website.

My art has several focuses, for several reasons. Living in Florida for 30 years has brought an appreciation of the serenity of the
tropics. My Ancient wonders series paintings, most notably those depicting Greek landmarks, pay tribute to my late father, and the
Greek heritage from his side of my family. My drafting days have proven to be an asset in depicting these architectural wonders.
My current paintings are oil on canvas, and are of the more traditional, wet on dry technique. I prefer studio works rather than
plein air, as I believe a greater sense of realism and detail can be achieved in the studio. I am currently a member of the Tarpon
Springs, Florida art association and Tampa Realistic Artists. I study the works of other artists and keep abreast of local art events.
Other studied and influential artists include Eugene Garin, E. John Robinson and Art Fronkowiak.
I hope you enjoy your visit to my site, and hope you will come back and visit often.

             Peter Makres
             Peter Makres
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Circa 1981
There are currently examples of my art on display at: THE FRAME FACTORY
                                                                                 600 East Bay Drive
                                                                                 Largo, FL 33770